Aura is a premier PR and Communications agency, providing extensive digital PR services to leading brands from all over the globe. Our comprehensive approach ensures the powerful visibility of your brand amongst global leaders.

AURA develops and executes targeted media campaigns to brand our clients as leaders in their sectors. We have the experience and know-how to increase engagement with your target audience around the world in a single city, country, or internationally. We strive to elevate your brand awareness and credibility with a wide array of marketing tools, such as content creation and storytelling, media and public relations, social media, and influencer marketing.

AURA helps premium brands build, unite, and grow their presence in the digital world. AURA’s expertise stretches across multiple sectors, including Real Estate, Architecture & Interior Design, Hospitality, Food & Beverages, Fashion & Beauty, Luxury Lifestyle, IT Products, Software, and Sustainability businesses. With AURA’s unique blend of publicity and global outreach capabilities, clients can expect to take their business one step further.

AURA has cemented itself as one of the leading names in media relations, content marketing, and social media. Through precise media placement and strategic partnerships, AURA provides the perfect platform for your brand influence no matter the size or scope.



An aura is a glow of energy that emanates around a person. We believe that companies also have an aura – a unique set of ideas and goals that color the image and reputation of a brand. Through cutting-edge strategies and campaigns, we add shape and color to your brand’s aura and share it with consumers around the world.


Promoting your brand is our focus. Our primary goal is to make you stand out by developing a PR strategy consistent with your brand goals to make a lasting impression, or a unique aura that everyone can see and no one will forget. We have the expertise to drive successful campaigns for our clients that help increase brand awareness and create opportunities for community and customer engagement.

By generating engaging content, we help leaders across business sectors tell stories and generate conversations with customers, engage audiences, and break new ground in the evolving media space. Working with the best representatives from a wide range of sectors, we carefully develop content marketing strategies and organize targeted media publicity that reveals the core essence of the brand to the audience, elevating its communications and adding value to its offer. This is an extensive range of specific activities designed to maximize business outcomes for our clients, which we call the AURA Effect.

AURA is what makes your products and services recognizable and desired.