Why Invest in Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a powerful tool to support your customer acquisition efforts. However, there is more to it than just creating content, you must also have a comprehensive strategic plan in place. This plan should be anchored in an understanding of the target audience’s needs and preferences, based on which great content should be created.

What Is Digital PR and How it Can Benefit Your Business?

In the fast pace of the world today, time waits for no one. Businesses are constantly evolving and looking for every advantage possible to stay on top of their competitors. The use of digital platforms has been in operation for years now but is still relatively new in its life cycle and with the world […]

Media relations in Digital PR

For those experienced in public relations and for those just starting out, building strong media relations is essential. This article serves to provide an understanding of the relationships between journalists and PR professionals and how AURA can help take your business’s brand to the next level. Media relations, unlike advertising and marketing which are direct […]

What is Storytelling and why your brand needs it?

From the earliest days, people have relied on stories to make sense of the world around them, to connect with others, and to pass on knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.

AURA Released the Digital Magazines for Luxury Lifestyle Awards

AURA Digital PR Agency is proud to present the result of their collaboration with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards: two digital magazines – TOP 100 Architects and Designers Book and TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers Book.

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important for Your Business?

As you might already know, only having a website is not enough for businesses to attract potential customers nowadays. A website doesn’t do much if it’s not visible to its target audience ¾ that’s where SEO comes in.

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