AURA Released the Digital Magazines for Luxury Lifestyle Awards

AURA Digital PR Agency is proud to present the result of their collaboration with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards: two digital magazines – TOP 100 Architects and Designers Book and TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers Book. Working on these special editions allowed the AURA team to showcase their skills in various disciplines and a profound understanding of the luxury industry, representing the best of the best brands and individuals in their respective fields.


Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award that specializes in selecting, recognizing, celebrating, and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world. AURA is proud to be an official PR agency of LLA. We were approached with the mission of developing digital magazines that will represent the TOP 100 winners in the Architects and Designers and Real Estate Brokers and Developers sectors. The high status and reputation of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards and its illustrious winners set the AURA team a non-trivial and exciting task, which involved all departments of the digital PR agency.

Both TOP 100 books are dedicated to the most ambitious and successful representatives of their respective sectors of the luxury industry. These are companies and individuals, each worthy of the most refined representation for a discerning readership. Therefore, every aspect of the visual and semantic content of the magazines required careful elaboration. With this and the client’s requirements in mind, the AURA team set to work on the magazines.


As well as developing the content strategy and plan, one of the most important parts of working on the TOP 100 Books was gathering information about the winners, preparing brand reviews, and conducting interviews with leaders of the industry. AURA’s copywriting team conducted extensive research and produced quality text materials that highlight the merits and achievements of each winner being featured in digital magazines.


Working closely with the copywriters, AURA’s designers created a distinctive visual style that harmoniously complemented the overall concept of both magazines. Under the guidance of an experienced editor-in-chief and art director, the digital PR agency’s creative team created exclusive and aesthetically perfect guides to the best in luxury architecture, design, and real estate.


Dawn Draper, International Sales & Development Director at Luxury Lifestyle Awards, commented on the results of work on this project: “When we turned to the AURA team to help us develop the TOP 100 digital magazines, we hoped to get bright and stylish world-class magazines that would be worthy tools to promote the winners of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. The result has exceeded our expectations! We are positively impressed with the work done and excited to share it with our audience.”

Join us on a virtual journey into the world of the best of the best with the TOP 100 magazines via the links below:

TOP 100 Architects and Designers Magazine

TOP 100 Real Estate Brokers and Developers Magazine

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