Prestige Magazine

Icône Interior offers luxury interiors, collaborating with luxury clients and developers on an international scale. Their work ranges from custom-made luxury palaces to luxury hotels, restaurants, and more conceptual projects.


AURA recently arranged for Icône Interior to be featured in Prestige Magazine, Switzerland’s go-to luxury magazine. With a focus on global luxury and lifestyle trends, Prestige Magazine provides the perfect match for high end clients interested in luxury interior design – spotlighting Icône’s expertise as a leading worldwide provider of luxury interiors.


Prestige Magazine is Switzerland’s only circulation-certified luxury magazine for upscale readership of the highest purchasing power class. Their digital edition can be read worldwide via the apps Pressreader, Media Carrier, Share Magazines, and Readly, to name a few, on Qatar Airways, British Airways, and Lufthansa etc. Their online presence records around 360,000 page impressions per month.

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