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The iconic NYX Hotel London Holborn, one of the best luxury modern hotels in the UK, offers unique stylish stays in the heart of London. It goes far beyond luxury or comfort by inspiring guests to experience the city, whichever way they choose.


Luxury hotels like this rely on a very particular target market of passionate high-end travelers. These are discerning, affluent, highly educated people willing to invest in luxury experiences and adventure.


Targeting this audience, AURA selected Salon Privé Magazine, the global authority on luxury lifestyle, offering unparalleled access to the world of the affluent lifestyle, no matter where you are in the world. The magazine features the latest news on fashion, arts & culture, luxury travel, reviews of the most exclusive hotels and resorts, the world’s most exclusive events and parties, the Royals and all things luxury.


By creating an article with a catchy title and focusing on the luxury experience that an affluent audience can expect, we’ve positioned the NYX Hotel at the forefront of the right market.

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