Content Marketing


Content marketing is a powerful tool to support your customer acquisition efforts. High quality content must be informative, relevant and useful to your target audience. We at AURA create and share valuable content to attract and convert your prospects into customers — and your customers into repeat buyers.


If you want to be a thought leader — someone who can help your customers solve their challenges, content marketing is one of the best ways to reach them.


No matter if your clients are looking to invest in a new dream home, hire an award-winning designer or architect, find a reliable partner or investor, or simply book an exclusive resort stay or fine dining experience, you can connect with them through content marketing. When done right, content marketing drives your business with targeted organic traffic.


At AURA we start with a content marketing strategy — a plan for building your audience. We sketch out how to publish and share consistent content to educate, entertain and inspire, which turns strangers into fans and fans into customers.

Whether we handle all the content for you or simply provide you with the strategy to create your own content, we ensure you have the most effective content strategy to meet your business goals.


We answer all the vital questions for your content marketing strategy. You won’t have any doubts about the type of content to produce and how often to produce it. We also clarify how in-depth the content should be, what target audience to focus on and exactly where you should publish it.

How AURA work within content marketing:

  • PR Brief with comprehensive information about the client
  • Develop a content marketing strategy & plan
  • Create and curate content
  • Publish and distribute content
  • Measure metrics and performance

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