Graphic Design


Graphic design is key to the success of your marketing and advertising endeavors. Having high-quality designs also increases the likelihood of users interacting with your content. We at AURA are guided by four key characteristics of effective digital design:

  • Interactivity

Your design needs to pull the user in and push them to interact rather than just look at it.

  • Well-Researched

You need to research industry and design trends, your target audience, and the content/subject matter at hand before you begin to create a digital design.

  • Readability

Your design needs to be easy to read. This includes the flow of the text, hierarchy, font usage, scale, white space, and adherence to good design principles

  • Adaptability

The best thing about digital design is that you can easily change it if any user encounters issues or if any unforeseen problems arise.

Our designers create:

  • Infographics
  • Email/Newsletter design
  • Presentation Design
  • Social Media Page and Post Design
  • eBooks/Digital Magazines
  • Presentation Design
  • Banner Adverts
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Elements

Other Services