Media Relations


Gaining the trust of potential customers is crucial. Media Relations provide a great way of promoting credibility, transparency, and trustworthiness qualities that underpin your company’s reputation with consumers.


At AURA we pride ourselves in delivering high-level, strategic media relations campaigns for a wide range of clients as part of our Digital PR Services.


In short, if your brand or business has news to announce, we’re the right team to deliver it. Our PR team is experienced in crafting targeted regional, national and international media relations campaigns across a range of media types.


Our goal is to leverage the media to bring maximum value to your organization. We’ll acquire partners, draw investor interest, and increase your brand’s valuation through strategic placements that convert users and drive traffic to your website.

Our experience allows us to develop media relations strategies tailored to your specific industry and audience. Our media relations team aggressively works to earn your brand top-tier coverage, drive awareness and turn reputation into revenue.

How AURA can help you with Media Relations:

  • Media Planning Strategy
  • Targeted Media Publicity
  • Wire Press Release
  • Press Event & Trip Planning
  • Media Monitoring, Reporting, and Analytics

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